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Real Time Billing

Blueface UC integrates with your core system with the ability to create custom bundles and tariffs to suit your market region.


The Unified Communications Portal offers integrated billing system, advanced oversight on customer accounts and remote management all-in-one.


Set fixed calling rates, applying a certain prefix based geographical destination with peak, off peak, call setup charges and minimum call duration for any tariff.


Blueface UC is designed for multi-channel distribution. Whether you sell directly or into a channel, Blueface has multicurrency billing options including bill on behalf of.

Custom Rates
and Bundles

Create custom up-to-the-second domestic and international call charges the UC Platform’s integrated billing engine.


Bill with confidence and take advantage of SFTP file transfer, AI Anti-Fraud and local data PoPs for local compliance.

Quotation Tool

Empower the channel and allow your partners to quote and manage customer billing using the Unified Communications Portal.

What is a Desktop Phone App?

Desktop Softphone App on Windows and Mac is a business landline for Windows and Mac. No physical phone needed! Perfect for hybrid working.

View Desktop App

“Westcoast Cloud is committed to offering the most innovative cloud solutions to Westcoast Cloud partners. Westcoast Cloud Voice is a combination of Blueface’s cutting edge technology and Westcoast Cloud’s unrivalled experience as an indirect cloud service provider.”

Get a Landline on Mobile Phone with the Softphone Mobile App

No room for physical phones? No budget? No problem. Add a business landline to mobile and desktop with Blueface Business Unlimited.

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