Video Conferencing

Blueface Video Conferencing enables advanced visual engagement with anyone, anywhere in the world. Get the same face-to-face customer closeness without leaving the conference room.


Build Remote Relationships Quickly

No Downtime, No Travel

Build real-time remote connections with clients, colleagues and potential customers. Save time, money and your message from getting lost in transit with Blueface Video Conferencing.

Advanced Feature Integrations

Enhanced real-time collaboration and engagement with inbuilt Instant Messaging and easily guide your conference with Screen Sharing integration.

Secure Video System

Safeguard your video conference with Blueface AI Anti-Fraud. Detect maliciousness and protect your mission-critical data exchanges with Blueface.

Unrivalled Conference Control

Configure, schedule and easily moderate Blueface Video Conferences and adjust admin permissions on the fly.

Where Do I Access Video?

Blueface Video Conferencing can be easily accessed and administrated from your Blueface Unified Communications Portal. Easily add video conferencing to your communication strategy.

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