Call forwarding/diverting

You can adjust the routing of your incoming calls in the ‘Call Management’ page on the portal. All your phone numbers are displayed at the top of the Call Management page. Any numbers that can have forwarding rules applied to them will have a circle beside them which you can select.


Once you select the number you wish to change the call routing on, three columns will appear:


Normal Forwards
The first column is for normal forwards. This allows you to receive incoming calls on up to 3 devices at the same time. Each box can only contain one number or SIP account.

If you want more devices to ring at the same time, contact or call 01-5242000. This service has a set up cost and a monthly fee for maintenance.

If the call is set to ring on your Blueface phone, you must write the SIP username of that phone in the box such as, for example: SIP/blueface.

If you would like the call to ring on another landline or mobile number, you would write the number without the country code such as, for example: write 015242000 rather than 35315242000


Unavailable Forwards
The second column is for unavailable forwards. This is the number, or phone, you would like the call to ring on if the number(s) in the first column is/are unavailable.

You can have up to two unavailable forwards set.


Busy Forwards
Busy forwards will take effect if you are already on the phone and you have another incoming call. You can divert the call to another phone number or SIP account.

You can have up to two busy forwards set.