Call reporting

Under the ‘Call Reporting’ tab, you have access to the last 3 months of their call history. Every call is recorded instantly so you have a real-time call log. The log can be viewed online, or downloaded onto your computer.

What can be reviewed?

You can review all call history on the online portal within the previous 3 Months.

This history includes all calls (Inbound and Outbound) with the addition of Fax, Data and SMS usage for mobile customers. To search within specific dates, you can adjust the search by using the filter (shown below). This filter will also allows you to filter by specific types of interactions made within these dates.


The image below shows the format in which the Call History is displayed after the filter has been updated.


Reviewing the History

Date (UTC+1)
This section will display the time and date the call was made and will include one of the following icons to inform you if the record is inbound or outbound . The time of the call is in standard time (Northern Hemisphere winter) +1.

Caller ID
PSTN caller ID, this is the number that your contact will see displayed on their phone. Incoming caller IDs will also be displayed.

Called #
This refers to the number being called: for outbound calls you will see the number you are calling while with inbound calls you will see the number into which you caller has dialled. This can be useful especially if you have several numbers on one account.

The destination will include where the call successfully connected to whether it’s to a phone number, voicemail and international destination or toll-free number.

This tab will advise on the service being called (Freephone number, international destination, …) and will determine which mobile network the call has connected to.

This section is to determine if the call is within peak times or off-peak times. This will only be displayed on chargeable records.

The duration highlights the length of time a customer has spent on the phone, however, for mobile customers this will also show the amount of data being used. It will also show if there was no answer or if the line was busy.

When calls are not included in the customer’s Blueface call plan, the costs generated for each call will be listed here.

The balance will display the entire total of PAYG credit being used within the current month.

This section will display one of 2 icons which determine if the calls is included in the calls plan or is being deducted from PAYG credit: Included PAYG Deduction

Download the call history


On the customer portal under the call management section you can filter the dates of the call history you are looking for and then you can download this in a CVS file.

This will allow you to filter the dates and the type of calls to get specific data you are looking for in that time frame.

Here is an image of how the selection looks like on the CSV file in comparison to the image on the customer portal (above). Each column can be filtered to get the specific information required.