Calls go straight to voicemail

There are three reasons why your calls may be going straight to voicemail:

1. Voicemail timeout is set to zero seconds

If the timeout is set to zero seconds then all incoming calls will go immediately to voicemail. To change this setting log in to your account, select ‘Online Call Management’, then select the circle beside the phone number that is going straight to voicemail. At the bottom of the page you will find your voicemail preferences. Change the “Timeout” to 10 or more seconds.

2. The Blueface switch is receiving no response from your phone.

The Blueface server periodically ‘talks’ to your IP phone. If our server receives no response from your device then it will not attempt to route calls to you, instead, calls are sent to voicemail. First, check to see if your broadband is still online. If it is off-line contact your broadband service provider. If it is working, power cycle your equipment. This means you switch off your router and IP device and all your other network equipment. Wait five minutes, then power them back on again – starting with your broadband modem, and continue to power on each subsequent device in your network.

3. Your internet is down.

If your internet is not working, your VoIP phone will not connect. Issues with your broadband will need to be reported to your broadband provider.