Cannot make or receive calls: internet is working

Check all the connections between your IP phone and your broadband router. Power cycle your equipment: switch the power off to your router and IP device and all your other network equipment.

Wait 5 minutes, then power them back on again – starting with your broadband modem, and continue to power on each subsequent device in your network.

If this does not reconnect your phone service please check the following:

1. All devices bought from Blueface come pre-configured and tested. However, if you have configured the device yourself, you may have entered your VoIP settings incorrectly. Check that the details from your Blueface welcome email have been entered precisely.

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

2. Ensure all cables are secure and plugged in at the correct location.
All devices from Blueface have a LAN port and a PC port. Ensure that the cable connecting to your broadband is plugged into the LAN port on the back of the phone.

3. If you would like to use more than one device with your Blueface account you will need multiple SIP accounts. For example you may have a business phone and a softphone on your laptop all configured with your Blueface account details. Each device requires its own SIP account to function correctly.

To add a new SIP account to your Blueface service, please contact our Customer Care team. Here may be a charge associated with this, depending on your call plan.

4. If not set correctly, your firewall can stop your phone from accessing the broadband.
a. Allow all traffic from and to IP range of (Whole Subnet).
b. Make sure SIP ALG is disabled.
c. UDP – Alive time out needs to be set to 200 seconds

If you are unsure of how to check the settings, contact your Broadband provider or I.T. Department.