Conference calls

The ability to connect with clients/staff in remote locations is invaluable. Blueface conference call feature is a unique system that allows you to set-up and control a virtual conference room.

This means various different people in any location can dial-in and participate in your meeting.

To begin, hit the ‘Create’ button on the ‘Conference Calls’ page.


This will create a conference room where you will see the access number and PIN for the call conference near the bottom of the screen.

Email these details to the conference participants and also include the appropriate number for access shown at the bottom of the screen. If your participants are calling from another country, that isn’t Ireland or the UK, the available dial-in numbers are available on our conferencing bridge number page.


As a Blueface customer, you can access the conference by dialling extension 3333 from your Blueface Panasonic IP phone and this will allow you to use the service free of charge.

The access number and PIN will remain the same until you close the call conference (logging out of your account will not close the call conference).

Our service will only allow one conference call to take place at time so you will need to end one conference call before beginning another.

Once everyone has left, you can “lock” the room, to prevent anyone else using it in between calls.

If you require any assistance, contact or select the ‘Help’ icon at the top of the screen.