Do I get a phone number with my call plan?

All Blueface subscription call plans come with a geographic and a non-geographic (076) number. Blueface can also provide you with additional phone numbers for an extra charge. Check out the international virtual number page for additional number pricing.

1. Geographic Phone Number
Geographic numbers are ordinary (PSTN/ISDN) telephone numbers that are linked to a geographic location. You will be asked to choose an area code when you purchase your call plan.

2. Non-Geographic Phone Number
076 is the unique prefix for calling VoIP phones in Ireland, local call rates apply on 076 numbers and they can be called from any regular landline or mobile phone.

New customers will be assigned a 076 number automatically when they buy any call plan. Existing Blueface customers who do not have a 076 number can request one for no extra charge.

3. Fax Number
If you need a fax number for your business, one of your allocated numbers can be set as a fax, or you can apply to have an additional fax number added to your account.

4. International Virtual Number
Blueface can provide you with a geographic number from many places around the world for an additional charge. Choosing to add a virtual geographic number to your Blueface account means that clients calling you from that location will only pay the price of a local call.

Check out the virtual number page for additional number pricing.