Do I Pay Line Rental with Blueface?

Line Rental

No. Blueface does not charge a line rental fee to any of its customers, however, an active internet connection is required to avail of IP-telephony.

If you receive your broadband through your phone line (DSL), that line must remain active as it carries your broadband.

Did you know?
By 2025, most telecommunications companies will have deactivated line-based infrastructure in preparation for the global IP-telephony migration.

Unfortunately, DSL users cannot stop paying line rental but can save on phone charges and additional phone lines.

If you have two phone lines in your home/office, then you can cancel the telephony line not used for DSL and migrate your phone to Blueface.

Either way, customers stand to save up to 60% on calls by switching to VoIP.

I Want to Stop Paying Line Rental, What Can I Do?

Companies such as Virgin Media have rolled out high-speed fibre connections, which are separate from traditional ADSL lines. As they are separate, they are not dependant on lines or more-to-the-point — line rental.

Did you know?
According to the Blueface Research, the average broadband connection in Ireland is 50MBps, that’s enough for 50 concurrent VoIP calls — even for small businesses!

The availability is not as widespread as the traditional phone line broadband – which stretches to most corners of the map – but rollout continues.

Once you’ve upgraded your internet to fibre, you can seamlessly add a Hosted VoIP Solution without paying line rental.

Anything Else?

Certain security systems and point-of-sale (POS) terminals require an active line to function and remain connected. Like telephony, this is rapidly changing.

Modern iterations of these devices are no longer dependent on line-telephony which allows for faster response times and easier purchasing decisions respectively.

Soon, production online-dependent devices will cease and these considerations with them.

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