How to send and receive faxes

How do I receive a fax?
If you wish to receive faxes you must get a fax number.

Customers on the small office plan automatically get a fax number, all other business and residential customers can apply for a fax number through the online store or by emailing

You must set an email address for your incoming faxes.

Set your email for incoming faxes
1. Login to your account and select “My Account” from the customer menu.
2. All numbers associated with your Blueface account are listed at the top of this page. If you have a fax number associated with your Blueface account it will appear here.
3. Scroll down the page until you come to a section titled “Set your email address for incoming faxes”. Enter your preferred email address for fax delivery here.

If you require more than one email address to be listed please contact Blueface to request additional addresses. Another alternative is to create a new email address specifically for fax use e.g. then all interested parties can use this to receive faxes.

Specify email addresses allowed to send faxes
In order to allow a fax to be sent our system needs to recognise the email address it is sent from. We need to know all the email addresses you want to send faxed with.

1. Login to your account and select “My Account” from the customer menu.

2. In the section called “Your Fax e-mail(s)” you will see a list of the email we have associated with your account.

Below that you will see a text box where you can enter a new email address. Fill this with the email address you want to send faxes with and click on the ‘Add Email’ button on the right.

If the address you specified was in a valid format and was not yet listed on our system it will be added.

How do I send a fax?
Any Blueface customer can send a fax via email, you do not need a fax number allocated to your Blueface account.

You must use one of the email addresses registered to your Blueface account to send a fax. If you want to use a different email to send faxes please contact and register another email address. If you do not do this, your fax will fail.

Remember to check that you have call credit before you send the fax, as sending costs €0.12 per minute.
1. Open your email client and type the recipients number in the “To” field followed by
2. Attach your fax document as a PDF or TXT file.
3. Click send.