I have no service

If you don’t have service on your mobile, please follow the below steps to fix the issue quickly.

1. SIM activated

If you have only recently got the SIM card, it might not be active in our system yet. In order to activate it, you will need to enter the activation code that was sent to you via e-mail at the time of a sign-up.

2. Unlock Your Phone

If you have purchased a SIM from us, you need to make sure that your phone is unlocked to allow Blueface SIM to work in it.

3. Try a Different Phone

Try your SIM card in a different handset to rule out that the issue lies with the actual handset and not the network. Make sure you test it in an unlocked phone.

4. Manually Select the correct network

Sometimes the issue lies with the phone not being connected to the correct network. How to fix it?
Currently Blueface does not support 4G therefore please make sure this is disabled on your phone.
Manually select the Blueface 3G network from the ‘Network Settings’ section on your device.

If you find yourself in a 2G area or you can’t connect to Blueface 3G’s network, please contact support@blueface.com for further assistance.