1. To port your number to Blueface, log in to your online account portal.blueface.com . You should have received your login details in the welcome email.

2. Go to Online Account Management tab:

number porting1

3. Select the Number Porting tab:

number porting

4. You will be be able to select the form that applies to the type of number you are trying to port: landline, mobile or non-geographic (ie. 1890, 1850, 0810, 1800).

Download non-geographic porting form

You will need to have your UAN (Universal Account Number) from your previous provider and a copy of the bill to port your number to Blueface.


When opening a Blueface landline account, a telephone number will be allocated to you automatically. If you do not wish to keep this number once your current number has been ported in, please select ‘No’ from the dropdown menu.


Number porting has a fee of €10 per number ported in. Once you have completed the port request you must select ‘Proceed to Payment’ and you will be asked to arrange payment.