Roaming problems

“Roaming” is the use of services in a territory outside of Blueface’s Network (i.e. in a country other than Ireland) via the provision of Services through a third-party Service Provider located in that territory.

Services available while roaming shall depend upon the arrangements between local operators and Blueface.

If you have issues in regards to not being able to use the service when you are abroad, there are few steps you can take to try and resolve the issue.

1.Enable roaming

Please make sure Roaming has been enabled on your Blueface account. To do so, please e-mail or call 01 524 2000. A deposit may be required to enable roaming.

2. Check if roaming is active on your handset

Make sure that you have roaming and data roaming activated on your mobile handset first as this can be one of the reasons you are having roaming issues.

3. Manually select a network

If you are having issues with using the roaming service abroad and the roaming on your phone is on, try to manually choose another network on your handset to see if this helps.

4. Check you have enough credit

Please make sure you have enough PAYG credit if you are still having trouble roaming.  You may top up your PAYG credit from the home page on the portal.

PAYG credit

Please contact for further assistance if you require it.