SIP Accounts

You can have your Blueface account registered at the office, at home, on a laptop, or on a SIP enabled mobile, but if you have more than one device registered with Blueface at the same time, you must create a new SIP account for each one. This will ensure you have no audio issues and good call quality.

All SIP accounts associated with your Blueface account are listed at the bottom of the ‘Call Management’ page.

If your SIP account is showing as ‘Down’ this means that the device associated with that SIP account, is not currently connecting to Blueface’s service.

To see the details of a specific SIP account hit ‘Edit Account’ beside the SIP. The username and password are needed to configure any non-Blueface devices.



1. Change SIP details
For security reasons, SIP usernames cannot be changed and are randomly selected.
If you wish to change the password, hit ‘Update Account’.

Remember that editing your SIP account password does not change your password for logging in to your Blueface account. If you need to change this please go to the ‘Account Management’ page.

2. Mailbox
If you have multiple mailboxes you can select which one you would like associated with the SIP account.

3. Message Waiting Indicator
Message Waiting Indicator is a tool that tells you when you have a voicemail. This feature may not work with all phones so please check your phone’s manual for compatibility.

4. VoIP Caller ID
This is the name or number that is shown when internal calls are made on your Blueface account. To change these details contact

5. PSTN Caller ID
This is the number that shows when you make outbound calls. It can be set to any of the numbers on your account, or anonymous, by selecting these options from the dropdown menu.

If you would like your callerID set as a number not on your account, you must contact and provide a current copy your phone bill which shows ownership of the number you are requesting as your caller ID.

If you would like your caller ID set as one of the international numbers on your account, you must also contact to make this change.

6. Add a New SIP account
To add a new SIP account you must contact Depending on the account you are on, there may be a cost associated with adding additional SIPs.