What information is in my call history?

Date (UTC+1): Lists the time of your call in standard time (Northern Hemisphere winter) +1.

Type: indicates incoming calls and outgoing calls.

Caller: PSTN caller ID, this is the number that your contact will see displayed on their phone. Incoming caller IDs will also be displayed.

Called #: This tells you the number that was dialled to reach you on an incoming call. This can be useful especially as most Blueface customers have several numbers on one account.

Destination: On an outgoing call this lists the number dialled.

Description: Describes the geographic location of the dialled number for example, Ireland – Galway, Ireland – CallSave 1850, UK National etc.

Rate: Indicates whether the call was at a peak or off-peak rate.

Duration: Will tell you the length of your phone call, if there was no answer or if the line was busy.

Rate (€/min): Indicates the rate of the call in Euros per minute.

Cost (€): Lists the total cost of the call.

Balance: Your call credit balance.

Svc: The service type. Was it a pay as you go charge, or included in your call plan?