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What is VoIP?

VoIP — short for Voice over Internet Protocol — transports voice calls over the internet, rather than through traditional phone lines.

VoIP phone system customers save time and money by leaving line-based telephony for IP-based hosted communications.

Customers with fibre broadband can stop paying pricey line rental in favour of a future focused communication solution.

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FAQs About Hosted VoIP Phone System


Q1. How does it work

Hosted VoIP uses the internet to transfer the data over to the other end – the person on the other phone.
E.g. your voice becomes packets of data made up of a binary code – 0’s and 1’s.
Read more on this subject in our blog post.

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Q2. What equipment do I need?

All you need is a computer with a broadband Internet connection and an IP phone.

A VoIP phone connects directly to your broadband connection. It comes pre-configured so once it is plugged in you can make and receive calls the same way you normally do, just dial and talk.


Q3. How is cloud VoIP different from a traditional landline?

PSTN Hosted VoIP
Dedicated Lines All channels carried over one virtual VoIP landline over the Internet connection
Features such as call waiting, Caller ID and so on are usually available at an extra cost Hosted Voip phone system features such as call waiting, Caller ID and so on are usually included free with service
Can be upgraded or expanded with new equipment and line provisioning Upgrades usually requires only bandwidth and software upgrades
Hardwired landline phones (those without an adapter) usually remain active during power outage Lose power, lose phone service without power backup in place

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Q4. How fast does my Internet connection have to be?

The broadband speed requirement is dependent on the number of concurrent calls.
The following table highlights the typical broadband speeds required when using a dedicated broadband connection for voice.

Number of
concurrent calls
Speed required
(upload & download)
1 85 kbps
2 174 kbps
3 348 kbps
8 696 kbps
12 1044 kbps

How to check your broadband speed test?
Go to speed test website



Extension Mobility

Blueface Softphone App (iOS + Android), Forwarding, Multisite, Hot Desking and more!



Guide your customers to the right point of contact with click & drag custom IVR.

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Video Conferencing

Host a video conference from the UC Portal with Screen Sharing, easy administration and IM Chat.

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Virtual Numbers

Lineless local numbers in 40+ countries with real-time switching from the UC Portal.

What our customers say

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“Just like our own service, it (VoIP) needs to be available 24/7 — 100% reliability. We need the same service from our phones and Blueface deliver on that front.”

— Brendan Noud, CEO & Co-Founder at LearnUpon.