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Control Tower Communications

Gain mobility, flexibility and simply scaled phone systems suited to any project.

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GillTec Communication Innovation

“Add, reassign and upgrade corded, cordless and conference phones instantly with the UC Portal.”

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Building Phone Systems for the Future of E&C

Why Cloud for Engineering and Constructions?

Profitable Connectivity

21% increase in profitability for connected teams.

Add Landline to Mobile

75% provide mobiles to staff. Add landlines to mobile.

Primary Cloud Solutions

85% of E&C firms report using cloud technologies.

Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Business

  • What’s the VoIP / PSTN difference?
  • Why switch to the cloud now?
  • What should I look for in a phone system?

Download this e-Book and find the answer to these questions and much more.

Scopri di Piú

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