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Contact Centre Lite

Controlla lo stato di chiamata dei tuoi colleghi grazie alle lampade LED del BLF di Blueface UC.

€22.90 al mese

Crea code di chiamata multiple per gestire e monitorare alti volumi di chiamate inbound.

Supporto del

Indirizza le chiamate più importanti agli agenti più performanti e migliora subito la tua Customer Experience.


Monitora le metriche del Call Center come le chiamate in attesa, chiamate concluse, tempo di gestione, inbound vs chiamate in risposta e molto altro, sempre in tempo reale.

Come Costruire un Team di Vendita
Altamente Performance

  • Explore how Blueface ensures a constant presence to boost your brand's reliability.
    Learn how Blueface simplifies call management for an improved customer journey.
    Discover how Blueface's extra features can empower your sales teams for increased efficiency and growth.
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“Westcoast Cloud is committed to offering the most innovative cloud solutions to Westcoast Cloud partners. Westcoast Cloud Voice is a combination of Blueface’s cutting edge technology and Westcoast Cloud’s unrivalled experience as an indirect cloud service provider.”

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