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La Receptionist Virtuale Interattiva

Custom routing solution for your business no matter what size.

Custom Call Routing

IVR will allow you to customise how incoming calls (int. and ext.) should be routed.

Part of The Plan

Blueface IVR is included in your standard hosted Unified Communications seat.

Migliorare l’efficienza

Help your customers reach the right person or department to improve call handling.

Report BTC

  • Learn more about telecommunications and technology trends impacting the industry.
    Consumer behaviour and the seismic shift from fixed PBX to fully hosted Unified Communications.
    Semplifica le operations e i processi con le Unified Communication.
Scopri di Piú

“Westcoast Cloud is committed to offering the most innovative cloud solutions to Westcoast Cloud partners. Westcoast Cloud Voice is a combination of Blueface’s cutting edge technology and Westcoast Cloud’s unrivalled experience as an indirect cloud service provider.”

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