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Business Phone Plans and Pricing

Business Basic Hosted

Cloud business phone plan with mobile landline and 40+ phone system features.


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Unlimited Local and National Calls to Irish Landlines PLUS:

  • 1 Numero Telefonico

  • Blueface Mobile Softphone App

  • Risponditore Automatico / IVR

  • Orari Apertura e Chiusura

  • Gruppi di chiamata

  • Musiche di attesa personalizzabili

  • Messagi Broadcast "cercapersone"

  • Blocco Chiamata

  • Self-Service User Portal (UC Portal)

  • Device / User Management

  • Voicemail Unificata

  • Per User Conference Bridge

  • Global Multi-Site Management

  • Remote Working

Business Unlimited

All-inclusive with mobile landline, desktop landline, unlimited mobile calls and 60+ features.

​€19.99 / PM

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All Business Basic Hosted Features PLUS:

  • Unlimited Call to Irish Mobile Phones

  • Blueface Desktop UC Phone App

  • Blueface Softphone Mobile App

  • Call Recording with SFTP

  • WebRTC Video Conferencing

  • Messaggio Istantaneo in Conferenza

  • tramite un servizio

  • Advanced User Tutorials

Fair usage applies to Business Unlimited Plans.

Business Enterprise

Contact us to discover our bespoke business phone plan for large enterprise customers.

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All Business Unlimited Features Included PLUS:

  • Integrazione API

  • Web Console in Real Time

  • Softphone App

  • 1 Numero Geografico

  • Reportistica Avanzata Chiamate

  • Chiamate Unificate da Remoto

  • Gestione Dispositivi da Remoto

Fair usage applies to Business Unlimited Plans.

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Sarai ricontattato per completare le impostazioni del tuo Account, il Piano telefonico, i Telefoni e le funzionalità.

Step 3

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You will receive a Proposal that details your customised plan, and monthly bill. You can e-Sign this to get started.

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