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Chillwifi is a broadband provider based in Co.Tipperary, providing fibre broadband and Unified Communication (UC) solutions to Irish businesses. Their service is built on reliability and assisting their customers with a range of network solutions.

As specialised experts in local business and broadband solutions, partnering with Blueface seemed like a natural next step for ChillWifi. Margaret and the team saw the real value of a UC offering for both customers and their business bottom line.
"We offer the entire solution to our customers. This starts with their broadband and then helping implement hosted phone solutions from Blueface. It’s the full package." Margaret Hahessy, Account Manager | Chill Wifi.
As a valued Blueface Partner since 2018, ChillWifi has benefited from receiving comprehensive training, reselling resources and continued technical support.
We got everything we needed from an onboarding perspective, and there has been constant contact since we began working with Blueface. There are never any delays or any no’s from the team.

Meeting Communication Needs

ChillWifi gives their customers more ways to work together with Blueface’s innovative feature suite and a reliable hosted phone system for smarter working.
Our customers often talk to us about the problems they are having with their current phone provider and the limitations of their systems. We provide the highest level of broadband access and pair this with Blueface’s hosted phone system. The two complement each other and provide the most reliable form of business communication.
Communications are never one-size-fits-all. Every sector, business size and team are different in their needs. For this reason, Blueface provides Partners with a customisable platform, so they can offer their customers precisely what they need.
All our customers use different features. Some love voicemail to email; others really like the Softphone App.
I have one customer who runs a restaurant, and for them, the UC Portal has been life-changing. They can control calls and gain in-depth visibility of the caller’s details for their takeaway service.
The recent launch of the Blueface Desktop Phone App has meant Margaret can provide her customers with the latest in software-defined telecommunications solutions.
It is fantastic to be able to offer our customers the Desktop Phone App and many are already trying it out. That’s the thing with Blueface, there is always something new for the customer, and innovation is at the core.

Remote and Dependable Support

Blueface’s Customer Management UC Portal delivers flexibility to partners and customers. Partners can make remote changes to customer accounts and provide as much or as little support as needed. Meanwhile, customers can self-serve and customise with ease.
The Partner Management Portal is so helpful. I can support my customers online without on-site visits, check on their accounts and tailor to their requests, like updating their call flows and devices.
ChillWifi provides the utmost support for their customer base and can trust the Blueface Support Team to back their customers too.
The real value of Blueface is that I know if I can’t help my customers or I’m out of office the Blueface Support team is always on hand, no delays, no waiting around – the customers get their issue resolved straight away.

ChillWifi and Blueface –A Full Business Suite

ChillWifi continues to grow its business, with a new store and the rollout of the National Broadband Plan. Margaret and the team look forward to expanding their customers’ opportunities with the leading Cloud Phone System from Blueface.
Blueface is the most modern phone system on the market and a really robust product. We offer the best-in-class broadband to our customers, so the two together is a full suite for businesses.
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