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Kerrigans Craft Butchers and Blueface. Passionate About Customer Service

“Blueface has made our business communications more efficient, saving money and the customer service is second to none. – Barry Kerrigan, Owner of Kerrigans Craft Butchers. “
Kerrigans Craft Butchers have been in the Irish meat retail business for nearly 50 years. Kerrigan’s provide the best Irish produce and services to their nationwide customer base. Traditional butcher craft is still at the heart of the family run Kerrigan business while innovating to meet customers’ changing needs. This includes healthy, quick dishes to suit busy lifestyles and an online store to support their five stores across the Dublin area.

Side by Side:
Innovating Business and communication

Beginning their business in the 1970s, a lot has changed in how Kerrigan’s operate and communicate as a business. As Barry and the team scaled their stores and brand, they needed an efficient phone system to meet their growing demands.
“We wanted to adapt our phone systems to innovations and provide the best communications for our customer base.”
Kerrigans Craft Butchers became a Blueface, A Comcast Business Company customer in 2017. Since then, efficient and cost-effective communication has been at the core of their business.

Better Call Management and Customer Service

Barry and the team are always looking for the right tools to help them work smarter while operating five butcher shops, manufacturing stores and an online shop.

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