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Kingspan Light + Air and Blueface

I’d recommend Blueface because of its overall ease of use, scope for scalability and cost-saving. As a business phone system, it ticks all the boxes. – Cíllían Lynch | IT Support Engineer
Kingspan Light + Air is one of the five business sectors within the global Kingspan business, including Insulated Panels, Insulation, Light + Air, Water & Energy and Data & Flooring Technology. The team is headquartered in Co. Cavan, Ireland. Thousands of customers worldwide trust Kingspan Light + Air with their building solutions. As a business they ensure optimal levels of natural daylight and fresh air with state of the art smoke management and ventilation systems.

The Challenge: Global Business Communication, Oversight and Lower Cost

Kingspan Light + Air needed to take ownership of their communications outlay. Reducing high international and mobile call costs and gaining more oversight on their phone usage.
"We previously shared our communications with a sister company. When the time came around to review our communications, we decided to look into internally managing our own. This way, we have more oversight, management and could find a provider who offered a simple and scalable solution."
The Kingspan Light + Air Ireland team liaise with international customers and colleagues across their offices in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. For this reason, having a global calling plan that was cost-effective and reliable was key.
"We do a lot of business across Europe. So, cost and numbering options are important when our team is calling internationally daily."
As Kingspan Light + Air shared the phone system with their sister company, they did not have the control or oversight they needed to tailor the system to their business needs.

The Solution: International Numbering and Cost Reduction

Kingspan Light + Air chose

Straightforward Phone Set-Up and System

Kingspan Light + Air began streamlining their internal communications over 13-months ago as a Blueface customer. Ease-of-use was an essential part of Kingspan’s new communications roll-out to ensure business was unaffected.
"It was very straightforward for all the team. The Blueface system is all web-based, and there is an intuitive dashboard that everyone on the team could use. You don’t have to be tech-savvy."
Blueface offers an end-to-end service,
"Since the initial implementation phase, we have had very little interaction with Blueface Customer Support. This is testament to Blueface, the system does what it has to do, and there are no issues."
Smooth implementation is just the start. Blueface had to deliver excellent call quality as well as solving numbering and scaling issues.

Affordable International Calls

Kingspan Light + Air use Blueface’s solution to communicate and call their European customer and global colleagues. All at a very affordable price.

Local Number Options

Businesses continue to tackle the rise in robo and spam calls. Therefore, having an outsider number can diminish call to answer rates. Blueface created a range of localised numbering options to fit Kingspan’s business needs.
Localised numbers are a game-changer. When the team calls abroad, Blueface has assigned the user a local number for that region.
The team conducts a lot of work in Germany. So having a localised number “can’t be underestimated, global businesses are more likely to answer a number they recognise.”

Business Communications That Can Scale and Grow

After just over a year of taking their business communications to Blueface, Kingspan Light + Air has enjoyed complete control and visibility over their communications.
"I think we have just scratched the surface with Blueface’s Cloud Phone System. All that’s left to do is gear things up and start utilising all the communication features on offer."
As a growing global business, with offices spread across six countries, the team are confident that they can take Blueface and quickly scale their communications across each region.
"It is reassuring to know just how easy it is to scale with Blueface. We can bring all our offices into the fold over time under the Blueface System. Rolling it out with low costs."

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