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2018 BCT Report

The 2018 BCT Report explores the communication technology we use to collaborate, and the intelligent application of these tools. These findings include explorations of communication, security, work trends and more.

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What's in the guide?

Overview & Takeaways

Below are some key takeaways ranging from enterprise security to emerging methods of work and collaboration.

— 57% of Large Enterprises (200+ employees) have endured phishing or hacking in 2017 alone.
— 78% of respondents have Remote Work Strategies in place.
— 75% still regularly use Voicemail.
— 69% have incorporated a BYOD policy.
— 67% have the same provider in Multiple Sites.
— 45% regularly use a Fax Machine


Telecommunications is undergoing rapid transformation and will likely look very different by 2025. The BCT Report closes by examining current, emerging and legacy trends in business communication, while seeking to predict BCT in 2025.

– The IP-Migration Will Reach Tipping Point by 2025
– Mobile Data & VoIP to Eclipse Cellular
– M&A to continue as Telecom Service Consolidation Takes Precedence
– Remote Working Will Become the Status Quo
– Voice Connectivity Unlocking Next Gen. Connectivity

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