Telecommunications Hardware Manufacturer

Hardware manufacturers can climb the value chain and offer customers leading IP communications that integrates with your core network.

Digitally Transformed Hardware Manufacturer

Cloud Partner

Address on premises PBX decline and offer your channel a simplified path to delivering cloud services.

Digital Transformation

Deliver telecommunications as a service and introduce a recurring revenue model with hosted communications.

Carrier Class

Deliver carrier-grade unified communications that has a range of internationalisation and carrier features.

Customisable Platform Frictionless Market Entry

Offer your customers a Unified Communications Platform with customised branding and features.

See Desktop Phone

MNO Digital Transformation

Device Fulfilment

We work with IP Hardware Manufacturers to establish intergration with your global redirect server.

Self-Service UC Portal

Your Customers can manage all devices, sites and numbers linked to the account with ease using the UC portal.

Unlock landline on mobile

Customers already have hardware? add an IP landline to their mobile phones with a custom branded softphone.

BCT Report

  • Learn more about telecommunications and technology trends impacting the industry.
    Consumer behaviour and the seismic shift from fixed PBX to fully hosted Unified Communications.
    How to simplify global operations in the Unified Communications sector.
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Global Reliability

Blueface offers 6*9s reliability on a global scale through our data centre interconnects.

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