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Snom M900

The versatile base with DECT multi-cell technology. It scales effortlessly from small offices to large hospitals, accommodating up to 1,000 bases and 4,000 handsets thanks to integrated DECT manager and multi-cell technology.

  • Scalability for various installation sizes
  • Suitable for small offices or large hospitals
  • DECT manager for seamless operation
  • Integrated DECT and LAN synchronization
  • Effortless device maintenance via Web UI
  • Strong emphasis on security with TLS encryption
  • Wireless software updates for handsets
  • Reduced IT department workload.
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The DECT Revolution

Snom M-series offers DECT solutions

  • Includes telephone devices, headsets, and asset tracking.
  • Bases available for single-cell or multi-cell networks.
  • 7 handset models for various environments.
  • Handsets are compatible with M-Series bases.
  • Snom A190 headset works with bases.
  • Location gateway solution for tracking.
  • Uses beacon gateway and tags.

Pair SNOM Phones with Wired or Wireless Headsets

  • Wide range of wired and wireless headsets
  • Improved productivity and call handling
  • Pair with Softphones and MS Teams

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