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Blueface customer.
"We have been a Blueface customer for over five years now, and we’ve been recommending Blueface to our customers for years, well before we became partners."
"As a customer, we have always found the service and solution to be fantastic, so it is great to be able to offer something we know and trust."
Catherine Hayes | Administrative Office Manager at ClareWifi Networks Limited

Simple Onboarding and Support

As a current customer of Blueface, Catherine and the team at ClareWifi enjoyed a smooth transition to becoming partners.
The onboarding and initial training was very easy for us as we have been customers for so long.
You can’t fault the support team. As partners, we are supported, and all of our customers are too. There is always someone there to help.

Competitive Price and Flexible Hardware

ClareWifi is growing its customer base, assisted by being able to offer the correct hardware and price points.
With Blueface, I can offer my customers a competitively priced phone system and a wireless option for either their home or business.

A lot of our customers want to keep their landline, but in a reliable system that won’t let them down. It’s the best of both worlds. They can keep their old numbers but upgrade to a better system.

A Combined Customer Service

As a wifi and broadband provider, ClareWifi can ensure that Blueface cloud phone systems are backed by their high broadband speeds and combined support, making the transition to VoIP seamless and straightforward.
When you explain what Blueface is and the fact that we can provide the highest level of wifi to back up this market-leading phone system provider, people know they are getting the best option out there.

Partnering with Blueface has helped us grow as a business and has meant we can offer a more rounded service to our customers.
Inspired by ClareWifi’s story and want to discuss how you can scale your business by becoming a Blueface Partner?

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