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Fourteen years ago – in a country whose staple conversation-starter is tea – coffeeangel Founder, Karl Purdy foresaw a booming coffee culture in Ireland. In 2018, coffee isn’t a conversation starter – it is one of the most meaningful dialogues in Irish business.

CoffeeAngel isn’t just concerned with refining their branding and projecting popular products (i.e. superlative coffee), for Managing Director Purdy, it’s about the “holistic view” of the company.

Karl Purdy | coffeeangel Founder and MD
Quality for some is about their service, their product — for me it’s everything. The customer’s experience with the brand from start to finish — and oue infrastructure makes this possible.

Introduced by our trusted partner, Mark McGuirk (SRM Technologies), Blueface and coffeeangel are a natural fit. In the same – quietly disruptive year (2004) – Blueface embarked on their goal of challenging traditional telecoms with simplified IP telecoms technology.

Why have both companies have experienced rapid growth in recent years? Early adoption and mastery of new technologies and ideas. While the majority doubled-down on saturated markets, Blueface and coffeeangel worked on a new brew.

Early Adoption | Moving Forward, Cloud First

Early adoption of new technologies has given coffeeangel the edge they need to be named in top coffee lists year-in-year-out. Like Blueface, this astute focus on customer experience is powered by the operational simplicity offered by cloud-first infrastructure.

Karl Purdy | coffeeangel Founder & MD
I’m a big believer in moving forward, which is why our operation is cloud-based — our communications, point-of-sale (POS), our security — the entire operation. If your staff don’t have to think about tech-admin, they can focus on an excellent customer experience.

Through aesthetics, aroma and accessibility, Purdy wants his customers to think the service is so good, the leave feeling like they have the better end-of-the-deal.

Karl Purdy | coffeeangel Founder and MD
We were among the first coffee brands in Ireland to go entirely cloud-based with our communications and we were the first to introduce table payments as well as Google / Apple Pay.  

The hands-on early technology adoption didn’t just help operational processes, it gave customers a novel experience within an established idea, which parallels Blueface.

The Future | Scaling & Quality

Like many disruptive businesses, coffeeangel have entered rapid growth but lack the resources of larger organisations for company-wide tech experimentation.

Maintaining coffeeangel’s brand quality is directly linked with each new piece of technology, which is why Purdy personally trials each new piece of tech. Ever the perfectionist, Purdy even worked with Blueface UC Experts to design coffeeangel call flows.

Karl Purdy | coffeeangel Founder and MD
We don’t have the budget of some large multinationals so I test lots of different platforms to pick what is best. I’m not a tech guy but I believe that every piece of technology used should add value and reduce business complexity.

His endorsement and exploration of new technologies ensures that the true business value and future application of new technologies is clear. It allows the company to benefit from the immediate usefulness while being mindful of future enhancements.

Karl Purdy | coffeeangel Founder and MD
We use the Blueface (Unified Communications) Portal but as we open more branches, we will unlock the true value of a cloud-based phone system.

With features like time-of-day, federations and numbering, coffee angel can maintain the same experience as they open more branches. This perfect blend of refined branding, technology and communication infrastructure ensures that the coffee conversation will continue for years to come.

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