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The Challenge

With 6 stores around Ireland, plus one in London, Compu b is Ireland’s leading Apple Premium Reseller, also offering Business-to-Business services including technical support and communications advice.

Business-to-Business Manager Jonny Kenyon says,
“We’re a very dynamic company, our workforce is spread all over Ireland so communications is an incredibly important part of it.”

After 20 years in business, Compu b had a diverse IT infrastructure, encompassing a number of different service providers.

When tasked with updating this IT infrastructure, Service Manager Tony Stott says, “One thing we identified very quickly was that we wanted a unified system, a system that worked seamlessly together” … [another] of the key aspects highlighted was [that] the budget available for the upgrade was quite small.”

The Solution

Compu b approached Blueface, Ireland’s leading cloud PBX provider, and decided to partner with them to deploy a VoIP phone solution that could be incorporated with their Kerio Operator software across their multiple locations throughout Ireland.


Blueface worked with Compu b to assess needs and budgetary considerations in designing a suitable system for Compu b.

This partnership approach has resulted in the deployment of a custom-built solution which includes integrated telephony services, voicemail services and fax services. This has reduced and simplified the billing of voice communications, while offering advanced features typically associated with large-enterprise phone systems, i.e. conference calling, applications include Busy Lamp Field (BLF), auto attendant and call interception, as well as more common features such as call forwarding, call pickup, call parking, call recording, ring groups and office voicemail-to-email.

Kerio Operator uses Compu b’s existing data network with the industry standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to transmit and manage calls on the Blueface Network.

With this solution, the management of the phone system has now shifted from a specialised VoIP telephony system expert to Compu b’s in-house IT administrator and previously complex and time-consuming tasks like adding/changing/deleting office phone extensions can be done quickly and without expert help, helping users to keep costs down.

The Blueface technical and accounts teams, led by a dedicated account manager, are also available to provide first-class customer-support to Compu b in addressing any queries that may arise and to make sure that Compu b is getting the most out of the easily modified, customer-friendly Blueface features.

All of this means that the Blueface and Kerio Operator combination is an easy and affordable way for a small, multi-site business such as Compu b to present themselves professionally with effective and customer-friendly big-business feature.

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