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Daft | Outage with the Old

Daft is the number one destination for property seekers and property professionals with a unique audience of over 2.5 million per month.

Originally serviced by Eircom, Daft began experiencing significant telephony difficulties in 2008 culminating in a multiple-day outage. With more than 2m users, that was a huge problem.

“We have approximately 14 or 15 simultaneous calls operating at any one time which means that an effective phone service is imperative to the effective running of our business.” said Ciaran Maher, then-CTO at Daft.

The Distilled SCH Marketplace company began seeking solutions, an alternative telecoms company that would offer a service solution, and that wasn’t the only issue.

With expansion into Europe on the horizon, Ireland’s #1 property website needed a reliable infrastructure for growth and localisation.

Challenge | Getting the House in Order

When Daft.ie approached Blueface, they had a need for a robust cloud-phone solution, some were general and some more specific. Most importantly: no more outages.

— Multiple phone lines w/ concurrent, reliable service.
— Eircom-line fail-safes.
International numbers for localisation in Polish expansion.
— More autonomy over their communications.
— Cheaper alternative to standard UK call rates.

Solution | Brick by Brick

“All in all, we are very happy with the Blueface service, they are very important to the efficient running of our business.” — Ciaran Maher.

— Unbroken phone service, with contingency phone line and recovery.
— Significant communication budget savings on UK calls with unlimited plan.
— Localised Polish telephone number for EU expansion.
— Customer accessibility, allowing customisable call routing and hunting groups.
— Significant market presence and growth in Europe.

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