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FoodCloud is a non-profit social enterprise that tackles the twin issues of food waste and food insecurity. This is done by redistributing surplus food from the food industry to their network of charity and community group partners. FoodCloud has always been cloud-first. Everything from their platform for food redistribution to their cloud phone system and CRM – using very little non-cloud tech.

Their vision to create a world where no good food goes to waste has grown from Ireland and they are now working in seven countries with ambitions to continue global expansion. Blueface is proud to support this mission with state-of-the-art charity sector cloud phone systems.

FoodCloud Phone Business Continuity

FoodCloud has been a customer since 2014. Blueface provides the customer-facing numbers that all of FoodCloud’s Irish and UK partners call for customer support. The team at FoodCloud primarily use Blueface’s cloud phone system for calls, forwarding to mobiles, numbering and the easy-to-use call flow designer.

All of these features combine to create key support for FoodCloud’s business continuity strategy, something that has been particularly important since 2020.
"FoodCloud’s  IT team set up call forwarding with the call flow designer.  It’s very user friendly and it always works. Workplace restrictions became a big challenge in the last year and we needed our staff to retain the ability to take calls and we were able to use your software to set this up remotely."
said Melanie Allanson, Head of Human Resources at FoodCloud.
FoodCloud launched a new platform in March 2021 to better support redistribution of food across the entire food distribution chain.  Moving to new technology requires training and this usually results in higher call volumes.
"We launched our new platform and this resulted in a spike in calls with clients and training calls often take longer than most calls. Cloud phone systems and mobile forwarding helped us catch every inquiry and support our clients particularly those less familiar with new technology.  We are also able to integrate our call logs from Blueface with our reporting so we can see who is calling and how long each call takes.  This helps us to manage our team’s resources more accurately."

Supporting Zero Food Waste

The key differentiator for FoodCloud and Melanie is Blueface, A Comcast Business Company’s customer focus and “excellent” customer service.
"Every single person that I’ve spoken to in Blueface Support is great. They get back to you and solve your issues really quickly. I know that every time I call, they will respond and take care of my issue.  If they don’t have the answer for you while you’re on the phone with them, they’ll find a solution and call you back.  It is really, really good customer service. said Melanie."
Offering a comprehensive service is the key to providing charity sector cloud phone systems. Additionally, as FoodCloud’s footprint grows, Blueface is committed to maintaining high level support.

Charity Sector Cloud Phone Future

Blueface believes that every business should move their business forward with cloud technologies.  Not only are cloud technologies at a “price point that suits the charity sector”, they allow ways of working previously inaccessible.
Cloud based phone technology is something that can benefit every business.
I’m not sure how any business can operate on a remote working basis or support travelling staff members without a cloud phone system.
You can learn more about FoodCloud’s vision of a world where no good food goes to waste by visiting their website. If you’d like to get involved , we encourage you to contact us for all-in-one charity sector cloud phone systems.

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