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LearnUpon is a cloud-based Learning Management System provider HQ’d in Dublin. With over 40 staff located in global offices in New York, Sydney and Belgrade.

Founded in 2012, in five short years they now provide LMS services to over 600 educational institutions and corporations worldwide. The high-growth, next generation of learning solutions needed next-generation communication solutions.

“Just like our own service, it needs to be available 24/7 — 100% reliability. We need the same service from our phones and Blueface deliver on that front.
— Brendan Noud, CEO & Co-Founder at LearnUpon.

The Challenge | Global Growth

LearnUpon’s rapid growth needed an infrastructure to match. They aimed for a 24/7 “Always Open Support” ethos and needed to quickly onboard new staff members.

— Local Numbering
— Dynamic International Call Routing
— Full Training on UCaaS
— Scalable Communications
— Secure Data while Demoing and Communication w/ Clients

The Solution | All Access Learning

Transitioning from 2 — 40 employees in 5 years while onboarding over 600 clients is difficult, we provided the infrastructure for easy growth.

— Toll-free & Premium Support Numbers
International Numbers & Dynamic Time-of-Day Call Routing.
— Powerful SLA w/ Seven 9s Reliability
— Global Multi-Site Deployment
— Full configuration, tailored to LearnUpon

The Results | Always Open

LearnUpon easily expanded into new offices with streamlined handover processes. They can now offer unbroken, best-in-class customer care to their network of global learners.

— Easy International Office Deployment
— Concurrent Global Customer Support w/ Seamless Handover (24 / 7)
— Enhanced Call Volume Management
— Heightened Security: General & Failover Services
— Concurrent calling with no downtime

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