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“Yes I would recommend Blueface for the lower call costs and professional phone system for just a few quid”

The Challenge

Mick’s Garage required a flexible cost-effective cloud pbx servicethat would cater for their remote staff as well as those based in the office. Blueface provided the business with a central account with an extremely cost-effective solution and also provided UK geographic numbers for their customers in the UK to call at a local charge.

Mick’s Garage is an Irish owned and operated company who are Ireland’s largest provider of car parts and accessories. Founded in 2004 Mick’s Garage sells car parts and accessories online, delivering across Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.

Blueface and Your Business

Michael Crean, Operations Manager at Mick’s Garage was recommended Blueface by a friend and felt that our service was very easy to get set up. What attracted Michael initially were the low call costs and getting a professional phone system for a fraction of the regular price.

Features and Benefits

Mick’s Garage have been allocated a series of UK Geographic numbers allowing their UK customer base to contact them by phone for the price of a Local call. This increases the incentive within the customer to call Micks Garage as well improving efficiency by having one hub, where all customer communications take place.

Employees at Mick’s Garage can take their phone number anywhere without ever having to worry about Telecoms exchanges or moving their number, the company’s IP network will always move with them.


Michael estimates that Blueface have saved Mick’s Garage over 80% compared to a regular phone provider and would recommend Blueface to other businesses: Initially Michael admits to having reservations about using IP communications but those are a thing of the past now that he has a professional, cost effective and proven telephony system in place.

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