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The Customer

Moocall Ltd. was founded in 2014 and works on animal wearable technology. The company’s goal is to be able to provide farmers with IOT-devices to monitor and manage their livestock. As an IOT business, Moocall need to always be connected and able to reach their customers whenever and wherever. Currently, they employ 15 full-time staff but they are expected to grow.

The Challenge

“As our business grows, so does our need for communications. Being able to have a flexible and easily expandable phone system is important to keep on top of our customer service needs. As we expand we will find ourselves in need of an ever increasing complexity in our phone system and Blueface have had no issues keeping up with us.”

The Solution

Blueface provides Moocall with both hardware and software to manage and expand their phone system as needed, including setting up virtual phone numbers, IVR, hunt groups and voicemail services.

“With Blueface we can expand at a rate suiting us and our business needs rather than the technical limitations and temperament of our phone infrastructure. As Blueface’s systems work regardless of physical location, a recent office move went off without a hitch as soon as the internet connection was in place. It even allowed us to have several extensions active in the new office during the move without having to do any configuration or intricate setup.”


Moocall’s is an example of how fast and easy business phone system implementation can be and how it will grow and move with your business.

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