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“The service is affordable and flexible. Up and running within minutes.”

The Challenge

Viking Splash Tours were looking to maintain the same call quality and reliability of their existing Telecommunications provider with a more flexible and ideally, more cost-effective service. They needed a company that could reduce the costs of mobile calls for their business, provide a flexible solution over multiple office locations without increasing the workload on their employees.

In addition, they expressed their need to manage their whole service through one central business account.

Blueface and Your Business

After a quick consultation with Viking Splash, Blueface designed a one account, multiple location service. This allowed Viking Splash to eliminate line rental charges as all incoming and outgoing calls now take place over Blueface’s IP network, which generates significant savings for the company on an ongoing basis.

Features and Benefits

These savings come largely from ‘on net’ calls, which are completely free and adding features such as ‘voicemail to email’ to ensure all customer voicemail is recorded as email, and a localised geographic numbering service.

The Result

Viking Splash has been making ongoing savings of between 10 and 15%, since they switched to Blueface on top of the initial elimination of line rental charges. The result is a modern telecommunications service that will grow with the business as Viking Splash continue to expand in the future.

They find Blueface to be affordable, flexible and easy to use. Viking Splash recommends Blueface as an IP telephone system for small business looking to save money on calls whilst also increasing the flexibility and technical support that the modern business demands.

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