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Testimonial spotlight:


Webdoctor enables Irish patients with telehealth, home health tests, prescriptions and online consultations with Irish doctors.

Co-founder and CEO Oisín Kim set up in 2014, an online GP provider. Webdoctor enables Irish patients with telehealth, home health tests, prescriptions and online consultations with Irish doctors. Patients receive medical advice and relief from the comfort of their own home through video and audio calls. Webdoctor required a highly-reliable phone system to empower their team to make and receive hundreds of daily calls, while delivering an exceptional service for their patients.
“The main piece was that it was rock-solid-reliable and that’s so important when a customer or patient wants to call us”. Oisin Kim, Co-founder and CEO of
In February 2020, Oisin and the Webdoctor team moved to fully remote working, with staff spread throughout Ireland. As a newly remote team, a single communication tool to tie the teams and patients together was more important than ever.
“It’s critical that we have the backup of a reliable VoIP system that any of our support teams can access and use from anywhere around the country.”
A feature-rich phone system was essential to maintain the patient relationship and ensure Webdoctor could continue to provide the best service to their customer base.

The entire team is utilising the Blueface Softphone App, giving the team the ability to take calls from any location, without disruption.
“We can easily install the Softphone App and use it to make calls out and receive calls in, and it has meant a significant cost saving for us.”
In recent months, Webdoctor has received heightened demands and call volumes. Powerful communication tools such as IVR and bespoke Call Routing have helped reduce missed calls and enable their patients to self-navigate to the right person.
“We would have multiple public-facing phone numbers that would get routed through multiple IVRs and then brought through to the right people.”
Features like the Console (IP PBX Switchboard), Call Analytics and Call Recording have offered multiple reporting levels for the Webdoctor team, and simple visibility over their phone system from remote environments.
“The team would use the UC Portal for analytics and KPIs to see how many calls the team are handling so we can project capacity requirements.”
As a Blueface customers of six years, Webdoctor have experienced no outages and have had their entire operations boosted by Blueface’s reliability, flexibility, innovative features and high-quality service.
“The service itself is rock-solid-reliable and really exceptional value for what you provide.” Oisin finishes

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