About Blueface

Blueface is a leading Unified Communications-as-a-Service Provider to Businesses, Enterprises and Carriers. Founded in 2004, Blueface’s proprietary cloud voice platform services Business customers of all sizes ranging from SME’s through to Large Multinational Enterprises.

Our Enterprise-Ready cloud voice solutions are recognised as cutting edge and global best in class. We understand that customers need reliable, feature rich, flexible and scaleable UC solutions. Blueface embraces the best in unified communications features across hosted voice, landline and mobile services, messaging, conferencing, global services, workforce mobility and a suite of cloud based business applications.

Our business customers rely on Blueface’s cloud communications as their reliable and innovative solution to service their business needs in what is a fast paced and competitive world of global business.

Blueface’s Unified Communications-as-a-Service enables our customers to collaborate and communicate effortlessly.

Blueface’s proprietary platform is built upon over 12 years of development / R&D in Unified Communications and this market leading platform has serviced customers reliably with a core value proposition makes sense for their businesses.

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Life at Blueface

Business is about people. A great brand, innovative technology and success are only made possible by the people who make it happen. At Blueface we recognise this, that's why we strive to create a positive, high energy, driven enviroment where everyone enjoys coming to work.

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Exciting times

At Blueface, our hard work is paying off. Thanks to the efforts of our team we're enjoying consistent growth and that means we're adding to the family. Recently, we had to open more office space at our Dublin HQ so that our existing team and new faces have the space they need to do their work. Interested in working for Blueface?

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Summer cooking

Our traditional, annual summer party is a chance for all of the Blueface family to come together and spend time around each other. This year, cookery school was on the menu.

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