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What Is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) is equipment, software and services that facilitates real-time, interactive use of multiple communications methods.

UC features services such as IM (chat), voice (VoIP), extension mobility, and single number reach. As well as this, a suite of audio and video conferencing facilities that include desktop and data sharing, interactive whiteboards, instant messaging and more

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Benefits of Unified Communications


Non-Disruptive Communications

Unite your communications under the umbrella of Unified Communications.

Real-time call routing, device push, visual tools (screen share, video conference) and easily set up the Blueface Softphone Application.

remote work

Remote, Smart Working Strategies

Seamlessly set up users in new offices anywhere in the world.

Keep remote workers connected. Customers can also localise global operations with international dialling.

customer experience

Measured Customer Experience

Advanced time-of-day settings and call routing allows your team to help customers, even if they’re away from the office.

Establish ring groups and call flows that route to a new recipient and ring until answered.

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Our Customers Scale Quickly


“We have been with Blueface since 2016 and from the minute we went live, the transition has been seamless. There was a little resistance to change early in the transition to a full IP phone system solution but feedback is now positive as everyone sees the benefits.”

Sandra Walsh, IGB IT Engineer

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