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Bespoke features

We recognise that the needs of one organization can differ greatly from another.

In addition to a full suite of communications features, we offer bespoke features for larger organizations.

All phone system features

Disaster recovery

Reliability is the first and last concern when it comes to communications. At Blueface we provide a service that you can be confident in with 99.999% uptime. Even if something does go wrong, we have fail safes that mean there is no disruption to your service.

Automatic failover

The Blueface service is provided via two independent data centers in which we have invested over €2 million into infrastructure. Should one of our data centers experience difficulty, service will automatically be directed to the other without you even noticing a change.

Mirror sites

Set up an exact mirror of your managed service so should an technical issues occur, your mirror site is available for use with the exact same configurations.


Integration services

Make your business processes more efficient by integrating the services that your organization uses. If you want to integrate your Blueface communications with an existing system such as a CRM, talk to our team today.

Our team will work with you on a case by case basis to provide you with a solution to your communications needs. See the Blueface approach.


Call center functionality

Does your organization’s communication infrastructure require a fully functioning call center? Deploy full contact center functionality to handle your inbound or outbound call center using VoIP technology.

Leverage any of Blueface’s managed service options depending on which is best suited to your organization’s needs.

Official partner

Blueface is an official partner of Microsoft Skype for Business.
Integrate your Skype for Business with Blueface for powerful communications for your organization.

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