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Real benefits for your business

Reduce your phone bill

On average, businesses who move to Blueface’s landline VoIP platform save 40% on their phone bill.

  • No line rental

Our VoIP platform doesn’t rely on physical phone lines which means that you can save on line rental on your phone bills. Blueface does require legacy PSTN, ISDN, FRA and PRA phone lines.

  • Unlimited scalability

Your phone system grows with you. With a virtual phone system you can add as many users as you need. The only equipment you need to add is a handset. No capital expenditure required.

  • Predictable billing

Budget easily and pay a simple fixed price per month. Forget about surprise costs such as line rental, DDI block rental, fraud protection or call barring fees that appear on other telecom provider’s bills.

Landline prices

Reliable service

Communications are important, get a reliable service that will keep you talking.

  • 99.9999% uptime

We have built our own dedicated core solution that provides 99.9999% up time. Get a service that won’t let your business down.

  • Work from anywhere

Our service uses your internet connection so that you can enable flexi-working in your organization and drive improved efficiency by allowing employees to work from anywhere.

  • Disaster recovery

If something ever goes wrong with your broadband connection, Blueface automatically fails over to another branch office or your mobile(s) to keep your incoming calls working. For bigger businesses we provide bespoke disaster recovery options with dual connectivity and active DR sites.

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Dedicated support team

Rely on our business support team to help your company whenever you need us.

  • Phone support

Do you need to talk to someone at the other end of the phone? Call our team to get help with your enquiry.

  • Live chat

Use our online chat to get in touch with us immediately so that we can start to help.

  • Email us

Use trusty email to communicate with our team on everything from your account to troubleshooting.

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Simple communications

Make talking easier for your business with an innovative voice solution because communications should be easy.

  • Keep your number

Move your business phones to Blueface and keep your existing business numbers.

  • Plug & play

No setup required to use your Blueface phones, simply plug them in and start talking.

  • Easy configuration

Manage your Blueface account from a simple online dashboard to change call routing and configure changes instantly

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Professional features for any organization

At Blueface we believe in making communicating easy. That’s why were committed
to continuously innovating our service to bring you features your organization needs.


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